How do I get my gallery here?

Firstly, the Gallery is for Cleveland Art Society members only. Work should be the original artwork of the member submitting it.

To save web space on our server and give all members the chace to upload as many (or few) images as they want, the gallery uses 'Flickr' to store images.

Flickr is widely used image sharing service - it means members will have their own galleries seperately from the Art Society as well as on these pages.

Flickr is completely FREE of charge to use.

How do I set up Flickr?

Go to

  • Set up an account.
  • Once your account is set up, click Upload (top right of screen) and add your images.
    NOTE: larger images take longer to display, so it's best to re-save your images at smaller dimensions for best performance before you upload them to Flickr. 1000 pixels wide or 800 pixels high will display fine and display at a good speed.
  • UPDATE: Images with any kind of nudity (even a bare bottom or chest) will probably result in Flickr removing the sharing facility from your account. This won't stop them being shown on Flickr, but it will mean your gallery here won't be able to display them.
  • Create an album for the images you want to show on the CAS website. Here I've created an album called Cleveland Art Society:

Click image to enlarge

  • Once you have an Album, click 'Edit in Organizr'

  • Next drag your images from the bottom of the page into your album.

  • You should now have a nice album full of the images you want to display on your CAS member gallery.
  • Now, look at the top of the browser when you're looking at your album.
  • There's a web address (URL) there. The end of the address will be a long number (after the last '/').

  1. COPY THE NUMBER from the top of your browser
  2. Your details / artist statement (if you want to include one with your gallery)
  3. The image you want to use as an introduction in the main gallery section sized to 320 pixels wide x 220 pixels high.
  • There will be a short delay while the web elves set up your gallery - allow a day or so as long as they're not on holiday!