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April / May / June Newsletter 2017

Editor’s Report

On our return to creative activity after the Christmas break, Ken Hornby introduced Catherine Stokeld from a N.Yorkshire art group and she immediately became a new member and took part in the set Still Life topic of winter associated things, shapes and bits and pieces brought in by members. Working in monotone was appropriate and the work produced was evocative of the short January days – the cold, the darkness, the mood, and working with charcoal was perfect - all good stuff!

Our representative in France, Jon Sephton and wife Sue, paid a flying visit to their Stokesley house to assist in its sale before returning to the warmer temperature of their French village. I met them and took possession of some paintings and prints for exhibitions this year. Jon is our Website Manager, so remember to contact him if you want to take advantage of the Art Society FREE website! Why not include the website on your artist business cards as well?!

Daphne Wattis transformed herself into a “lady in blue satin” as our costume model, and didn’t she do well! Terrific studies in drawing media and in paint were again achieved. Our stock of clay (preserved in plastic and kept damp) seems to last forever. We had consecutive weeks with clay modelling and lined up finished work for Macmillan Art Academy to kinOur September return to HQ and the commencement of the Autumn/Winter Pro- gramme saw us working with clay – always great fun – and also working with a well contrived Still Life. Our “Sale or Swap” evening at the close of the month enabled a great exchange of extremely cheap art books, magazines and materials.

October gave us our President’s Talk on important aspects of the human form in art (this is in-line with historic talks and lectures delivered by a succession of quite expert officers and members down the years, all of which have been unrecorded and lost to history). Religion, myth- ology, politics, war, love, etc were all spot-lighted, and it has to be remembered, these talks are free contributions to the Society by some of the most knowledgeable people.

A Message to the full Cleveland Art Society Membership

Please do not feel excluded by all the unfamiliar names mentioned in the Newsletters if you are not a regular Macmillan Academy Thursday evening attendee. We hope you can find the information we provide a useful offering of knowledge to the wider CAS experience. We value you all as practising artists in your own right and we are always here to offer help and support in your chosen fields of creative making.

Members News

Kevin Palmer proudly informed me of his painting, “Foundry Men” winning the local Hobbycraft painting completion last year and then going on to actually winning the national Hobbycraft competition as well! He was awarded a £350 art materials hamper and a £150 gift voucher, which will last him for years he admitted with a smile. Customers were asked to vote for their favourite picture in stores at local level and the winning pieces were then entered into the national judging stage. His picture went onto be displayed in the Stockton store. Kevin is our expert painter of locally themed subjects populated with figures involved in work, rest and play. His greetings cards are always in fun competition with Dennis Roddam’s popular wildlife cards as to who will sell the most in our exhibitions. It’s worth noting Dennis is always reluctant to tell me of his success at exhibition level; he quite regularly shows work at the country’s top wildlife art “opens”, some in London, some in the Midlands - well done!

Lorraine Brown meanwhile, continues to be involved at administration and organising level with Platform A. She has been a leading officer with them for some years now and is quite a star for the art scene.

On a sad note, illness struck the Society in three ways, of which we know, this winter/spring: President, Ian Lightfoot’s son has been hospitalized this year and has undergone a very important operation. This forced Ian to cancel a Leven Art Society booking he had as tutor and a similar event for another art group too. He did not cancel his workshop with us though at Linthorpe Community Centre, and we are deeply grateful for that – his loyal duty to us gave rest-bite from his hospital vigil in Liverpool where his son is situated.

Gillian Spensley became very poorly in Norway where she had been staying with a relative and was hospitalized also for quite some time. For a while we lost contact with her and we were very worried. She said she was lucky to survive.

Both Anna Jasinek and Margaret Pear are on the mend from their medical procedures and we send all our very best wishes to every one of them for full recoveries.

Communications over the years with former Secretary, David Blower who lives in Birmingham, has kept me informed of his life after CAS. I want to highlight he is Treasurer to the “Midland Painting Group”.

New Members

Warm welcome to Catherine Stokeld, as mentioned at the head of the N/L; she hails from the Stainton Art Group in North Yorkshire.

And, to Harriet Jane, a teacher and sports activist who is currently part of a lady’s rugby team – wow!

Val Bell joins us also, another teacher and daughter of the late Sketching Club/Art Society member, Jack Grainger. Val incidentally, is a fellow artist with John Reed, Maggie Harrison, Sandra Hill and myself at Gallery TS1 and she has taken part in the “Members and Models” exhibition at Gallery TS1 with those of you who entered also. Harriet took part in the successful Ian Lightfoot led Weekend School and created the largest study of the whole weekend – a big canvas on the biggest studio easel in the room.

I’m very pleased to report Denise Thompson returns to us after taking a one year spell out. She is Mike Featherstone’s and my opposite number as Admin Officer for Hartlepool Art Club’s Facebook page, and brings back her talent to CAS whilst continuing her HAC role.

Future Newsletter notices & inclusions

Please inform me of your exhibitions, services, news, etc. Find my contact details in the officers section on this Newsletter heading. Any information you can provide will be welcome for inclusion in the next N/L even if your news is old, it is still of interest to members. The N/L can look back on what has been achieved and also forward to up-and-coming events.

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My promised online Newsletter!

Last year my intention had been to launch the first 2017 N/L as an exciting online, full colour, illustrated version. It would have amounted to a quantum leap from this familiar black typed style, which has served us well but is basically a modernised 20th.century typewriter type edition. I had the idea when Jity assisted me with writing the N/L a number of years ago, but I had not the time to master the digital technology. To bring everyone up to speed, Suzie Keith is working on one of the many digital options for such a N/L. We hope to bring you it soon.

I want to remind some, and tell those many members who do not know, a monthly N/L was created in 1960 during the time Ken Cozens was Chairman, but we do not know what form this N/L took; at the moment none have been uncovered, but it is likely to have been a small printed card with the scantest of info’. The next progress occurred in 1967 when Margaret Hoggarth introduced the typewritten paper version, and all the subsequent N/L Editors have thereafter delivered communication for our journey in that way. I regard that 1967 leap forward by Margaret as much a quantum leap then as the next will be for us in this evolving story of the N/L. By reading this Cleveland Art Society “newspaper” as news has unfolded, you have participated in a system which has driven and steered artists for 50 years.