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May - July 2015 Roundup

2015 has seen a rise in our membership with the introduction of further creative people  who want to learn new skills, and we have attracted established and semi-established artists who  aim to expand upon what they can do. These new members can this year join us in our exhibitions.

Both Chairwoman Janet Waller and Life Member Jean Carmichael continue to make health recoveries and Honí Treasurer Daphne has thrown herself back into the workings of the society as we are joined
by the nicer weather.

January saw us continue our quest to portray our members who attend our Thursday meetings. This is a programme I introduced to replace our hired costume models, for the short term, which will certainly furnish the society's archives and may lead to an exhibition revealing our skill at portraiture. The results from this scheme are becoming quite remarkable. We were also guided in the use of the air drying medium of DAS by Gallery TS1 artist John Reed, and on another date we got to grips with the classic old chalk and charcoal comboí to keep our drawing abilities sharp.

The popular Critique evening in February produced lots of likes, dislikes, advice and encouragement for those members who brought problem and 'working' artworks along. I was quite amused with the level of vocal involvement this time and for years we have seen how useful these dates in our programme are.

A practical and discussion date of watercolour was fitted into this month also, which remains a favourite.

The March DVD on Velazquez collapsed after attempts by various members to access the Art Dept's computers after presumably their passwords had been altered ñ this problem will be solved for next time. Such an evening is never a failure though due to some members automatically bringing their art materials. The amount of art books we have in the art room gave us all a change to share ideas and ìtalk artî, making us feel every bit as fulfilled as if we had physically produced something.

Separate technical challenges that month were the drawing and painting of shoes and boots as still life subjects, and that of eggs in water and balanced on a flat surface. Both are compelling subjects with intrinsically different surface problems. Both, actually, can produce surprisingly powerful pictures.

We've now reached April and the point where we tackle the technique of paint glazing after our one week Easter Break. Lorraine Brown prepared some excellent examples and offered guidance to members wanting to paint thinly with w/c, acrylic or oil. Saltburn artist, James Morgan Williams, who is a tremendous painter, (google him) takes over from Lorraine on the week this newsletter is published.