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4th. Mixed Media

Either a continuation with buildings studies, or a multi-media experiment. Brings different materials.

11th. Life Model (Joss).

£2.00 cover charge. (even if you are not taking part in this exercise!) For new members, this is a nude session & not us, just the model! Do not bring children or none member friends!

18th. Sketching/painting at Saltburn

Former Secretary and Newsletter Editor, Jity is providing her seaside apartment as our base-camp. Members are free to wander where their like while we suspect most will remain close to Jity's apartment on the cliff close to the Victorian Tramway. We are likely to organise a refreshments break. She will be ready to greet members at 6.30pm, though early birds can begin their masterpieces in the fresh air. 70 Ruby St, Flat 3, Saltburn, TS12 1EG. Tel: 07867793291

Saturday 20th. Sketching/painting at Saltburn

Jity's Saltburn sketching/painting experience continued... ho no, does this mean fish'n'chips! This can be an all day art day! She will be ready to meet and greet from 10.00am.

25th. Summer Flowers

Ah, what little old art societies are best known for! Well, let's show the knockers of pretty still life art, what can be done if it's done properly! Members to bring flowers, vases, backgrounds, etc. 8 o'clock tea/coffee break: Please remember to bring milk, biscuits and/or cake!
25th. M. Shotton.