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Sept’, Oct’, Nov’ Newswletter 2015

Spring and summer 2015 saw a CAS “cabinet reshuffle”, or re-organization. Our Chairman, Janet Waller handed in her resignation from the top job. Her letter of resignation is as follows: “To the Committee and Members of Cleveland Art Society, I have held the position of Chairman of Cleveland Art Society for seven years now, but I regretfully feel that I am unable to continue to fulfil the related duties due to a recent serious illness and operation, together with bad falls resulting in further injury. I have enjoyed serving the Society in this capacity and send my successor and the members every good wish and the hope that the Society will continue to prosper. Yours sincerely, JJM Waller.” I would like to thank Janet for her various office positions held over several decades and I know we collectively would like to offer our very best wishes to her in her years of retirement. We know Janet will now be able to enjoy her time with us still as a valued member and art practitioner.

We gained a new Secretary in Suzie Keith, and the Committee and I look forward to working with her. We also gained a website architect and manager in Jon Sephton. He has made something which we know will be invaluable and it will be so interesting to see it evolve and grow in the years to come.

One of the highlight practical exercise sessions was our consecutive outings in June to Saltburn. Former Secretary and Newsletter Editor, Jity, provided her sea view apartment as basecamp with drinks and eats. We also enjoyed the large Marine Hotel as a place for hot food and further drink. The weather was a test and we produced some good work. I came away from it with a worthwhile photoshoot of the CAS group working and the basis for a large future painting.

Joss, who we discovered,  is shaping up to be our new male life model; we have secured him again for our October programme.

Margaret Smith staged a wonderful exhibition of mixed 2 and 3 dimensional artwork at The Heritage Gallery in June which was well attended by many CAS members on the PV night. And I want to thank all those members too who came to my May Mid-Career Retrospective PV night and helped make it so special. CAS support to member’s solo shows is usually strong and is appreciated. We anticipate another huge turnout for the approaching CAS Summer Exhibition August PV evening!

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